Baltimore Child Abuse Center Project

The Baltimore Child Abuse Center [BCAC] is a non-profit organization that provides all reported victims of child sexual abuse in Baltimore, and their non-offending caretakers, with comprehensive interviews, medical treatment, referrals and crisis counseling services, with a goal of preventing future sexual child abuse.

Adam Rosenberg, Executive Director of the Center came to present the Center’s need to get their message out to the Baltimore community. Rosenberg discussed the BCA Center, it’s mission, the people it serves and why it is important to children in Baltimore. He presented 5 messages or themes important to the Center for students to use as platforms for making the messages visual.

This project asked students to think conceptually as well as practically. Think how to effectively yet creatively get the messages to the public. Think about what their solution will look like, where their solution would be seen, what exciting materials would enhance their idea. These are the students solutions.